A Home Away From Home

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If you’re trying to get away from it all – the noise of the city, your job, the daily stress of school runs or thesis papers, why not spend an extra buck or two and experience a location that offers not only style and comfort but also different amenities that’ll help you relax?
Boutique accommodations are ideal to wind down and feel rested. You could enjoy your time by visiting the spa for a full day of pampering, try yoga – something you’ve always want to but have never had the time, or have a long, hot soaking bath. Sleep in until noon with black out curtains, if that’s your thing. You could also spend some time in the fitness center or, if you’re feeling social, sip on some champagne in the clubhouse. If you’re not – bring alone your pet. Take advantage of the heated indoor pool or outdoor swimming pool. The possibilities are endless. The place itself will leave you feeling stunned with beautiful marble countertops, a fully functional kitchen, furnished rooms and a stunning balcony. It’s an interior decorators dream, photographer and dreamer’s perfect spot.
The convenience of boutique accommodations not only benefits those who need some alone r and r time. It’s perfect for families, couples or friends. Why not take your fiancé on a romantic weekend or two and share the experience?
Perhaps during a cold winter while you sit in front of the fireplace or watch a film together. Why not throw an intimate party in the exquisite living room?
With a dishwasher, gas stove and other amenities – preparing such an event is as easy as pie. Or have evening drinks on the rooftop terrace with a view to die for? If you’re into sports –there are places with a basketball court, rock climbing, golf simulators and more. A wine lover – why not check out a place with a fantastic wine cellar? Or how about a place with a grand piano? Isn’t it any musicians dream?
What ever your taste – there will be something for you. Whether it’s European, bohemian, modern or old-style. No matter near or far, the atmosphere alone can leave you feeling refreshed and inspired. Feel exhilarate – like a home away from home or even a mini-vacation, if you will. Looking for an apartment that gives guests a boutique accommodation that is affordable, comfortable and convenient, go right here.
Go ahead; spoil yourself and or your loved ones. It’s a perfect location for any special event – Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries or simply to just get away. Make this space your own, settle in and take advantage of everything it has to offer.

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