Holiday Package Of Bintan Island

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Are you planning a holiday? If yes, then one of the best destinations for vacation is Bintan Island. As being in the Riau’s region, it is the largest island with the area of 1140 square km. Truly it’s like a heaven. Family, friends, beautiful beaches give us more relaxing time. If you are visiting Bintan, then you should not miss the Trikora Beach, Kawai, Tanjung Pinang, Kijang and Bintan resort site, you can see the full details here for Bintan island resort packages.

Whether it is an off romantic holiday, a trip with friends or a family trip, there are various Bintan island resort package that will make your trip very affordable, simple and a memorable one. Here are some reasonable and exciting packages and deals for you. Please have a look.

Tour packages of Bintan:
1 Day South Bintan Trip:
Package includes:
• Tour of Penevengat Island including Sultan King Castle, Malay King Bismillah Monument.
• Senggarang visit (seeing Old Banyan Tree Temple, which is 200years old.)
• Sightseeing tour of Tanjung Pinang.
• Lunch of seafood.
Package Excludes:
• Optional tours, Visa free, Personal insurance, Porterage fee and all personal expenses.
• And tipping the tour guide.
Bintan free packages:
It includes:
• Two side transfer (BBT terminal – Resort or Sri Bintan Pura terminal or BBT terminal)
• One night stay at Bintan Agro Beach and Spa Resort deluxe room.
• Breakfast.
• Complimentary cold towel and one welcome drink.
• Double or triple sharing room.
Full board package:
It includes:
• By falcon, vessel 2sided transferring (Tanah Merry terminal to Sri Bintan terminal to Tanah Ferry terminal)
• 2 sided transfer (from Pier to Resort to Pier)
• One night stays at Bintan Agro Beach & Spa resort deluxe room.)
• One breakfast, one lunch & one dinner.
• One cold towel on arrival & one welcome drink.
Package excludes:
• Water sports games or activities.
Bintan’s fishing package:
Elly’sKelong fishing: It includes:
• In Bintan Resorts two side land transfer (Sri Bintan terminal to Elly’s Kong to Sri Bintan terminal.)
• Two night stay in the standard room at KelongElly.
• Local breakfast.
• One-day free using of the fishing rod.
• One day free fishing at KelongElly.
• Double sharing room.
Package excludes:
Returning of ferry tickets (Tanah Merah to Sri Bintan terminal to Tanah Merah).
A night trip of Bintan shipping boat:
The package includes:
• Two side transferring in Bintan Resorts ( Sri Bintan terminal to Trikora along to Sri Bintan terminal)
• One night stays on the boat in air conditioned room.
• Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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