Some Of The Very Interesting Things To Do In Chinchilla

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Chinchilla is a small town, which is located in the Queensland’s Western Downs region. The town has the best combination of flora, fauna and an abundant bird life. The history of Chinchilla is clearly demonstrated at the Chinchilla History Museum.

Chinchilla is known as the “Melon Capital” of Australia. It contributes about 25% of the total production of melons in the country. To celebrate the title as the Melon Capital every two years a melon festival is organised. It brings all the localities and visitors together to celebrate with many traditional activities like craft markets, melon growing competitions, street parades and carnival rides. If you are visiting Chinchilla you should not miss this festival. There are comfortable accommodation facilities for tourists like luxurious hotels, motel, farm house etc.

When you go for a vacation trip in Chinchilla town there are many things for you to do. Your stay in a motel will be worthy only if you experience some of the great attractions that the town has to offer to its visitors. Here is a small list which will help you explore the town better and make your experience fun and exciting. Some of them are:-

• Boonarga Cactoblastis Hall –
It is one of the unusual forms of memorial hall ever made in the entire world. The hall is made in honour of an insect. When cactoblastis successfully succeeded against the prickly pear cactus, the Boonarga Cactoblastis Hall was constructed by the farmers as a sign of relief. The hall holds an historical significance to the defeat of the prickly pear league which was a major event in the history of the Australian agricultural history.
• Industry and CSG in Chinchilla –
Chinchilla is not just known for watermelon trade and supply all over the country, it is also known for other industrial supplies. The town is famous for horticulture, forestry, wool and grain. The demand of renewable energy sources has made Chinchilla a point of attraction for most of the people. Chinchilla is one of the major producers of the coal-seam-gas in Australia. This demand has made wonders for the town’s infrastructure and retail.
• Water sports –
Chinchilla Weir situated on the Condamine River is considered to be a great venue for water sports. Many people enjoy fishing around the shores of the river. It is also a great place for a picnic with your friends and family.
Do not miss any of the above listed things or activities when you visit Chinchilla. Whether you are travelling solo or with a company, you are sure to visit it as often as possible.

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